The French Revolution

New for Year 8 – a short piece of work about the French Revolution. It’s a bit like History, but with fewer inventions and more heads chopped off.

What do you already know about the French Revolution? Anything? Nothing?

Add something to this “Answer Garden”. You’re only allowed 20 characters, so think about it. What about a year, or a person or a place?

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Vouloir, pouvoir & devoir

Year 8  have been looking at the present tense of these verbs.

They are modal verbs and are generally followed by an infinitive.

  • Vouloir = to want to
  • Pouvoir = to be able to (“can”)
  • Devoir = to have to (“must”)

We have used these basic translations, although devoir is a verb with various meanings – it can refer to debt (Elle me doit mille euros – she owes me 1000 euros), obligation (Vous devez attendre le bus – you must wait for the bus) or probability (Le bus doit arriver à 10h – the bus is supposed to arrive at 10 o’clock). Tone of voice and gestures when speaking, or other text when reading will give you clues to the meaning of the verb each time.

  • Je peux jouer au golf – I can play golf
  • Il veux jouer au golf – He wants to play golf
  • Vous devez jouer au golf – You have to play golf

These verb are all irregular, but they do follow some of the patterns of verb endings. What can you remember?