New term, New languages!

Now that we’re getting close to half term it’s time for you to let me know what you think about your new language. Year 7 have been introduced to Spanish wth Mr Cottiss, and Year 8 have had German with Mrs Brown.

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140 thoughts on “New term, New languages!

  1. I like the Spanish lessons I think there very fun to do and learning another language will help when I am older
    Thank you Mr Cotiss
    Lewis Gammer 73

    • I’ve found German fun and easy to learn. I think it’ll be useful when we are older or when we’re traveling to new countries. However I would of preferred to learn Spanish, as it is more widely spoken around the world. πŸ™‚

  2. I think german has been great so far. It has been a excellent experienced but i would prefer to learn spanish only because i go to spain alot and i’ve never been to Germany!

  3. i think germas really fun im getting a bit stuck though a bit hard but FUN LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ :);)

  4. I think German is fun and the teaching methods Mrs Brown uses makes sure everyone is included, considering the amount of lessons we have had i think everyone has made great progress!

  5. I like doing one extra language because i think it will help
    when i go up to King Edwards and also because i love german.
    Thank You Mr Cottiss.

  6. I have really enjoyed learning Spanish this term! I am finding learning a new language really easy probably because Mr Cottiss has has taken us through it really slowly and has made it fun as well.
    Hasta luego
    Brodie 7Y

  7. i think German has been great so far and we have made brilliant progress seeing as we haven’t had that many lessons, also it’s nice to have another language on my planner other than two lessons of french a week : )

  8. I think German is good because it gives us a head start on it for when we go to KEVI. Mrs Brown always includes everyone and she plays certain songs to make sure that the German words stick in our heads. Overall, it’s awesome.

  9. I think German is really easy to learn! I love the teaching methods used by Mrs Brown because they include everyone, and you occasionally have a good laugh aswell. I would prefer to be learning Spanish, but German is fun!

  10. I think German is quite easy to learn. Mrs brown is really good at teaching it. When i went to the kevi opening evening they told me that we would be learning it there as well so hopefully it will help the year 8’s learn some.

  11. I Think Spanish Is Easier Than French However, It Is Still Quite Hard To Learn A Brand New Language And, I Can Only Do 2 Years Of It Before I Am Moving Up To High School. Still, Its A Good Lesson.

  12. I am really enjoying German. It’s a great change and everyone is included in the lessons. Everyone is making great progress considering the amount of lessons we’ve had.

  13. I don’t like German. I really liked having two french lessons a week. French lessons are more fun and interactive that German. Its not the language that I don’t like it’s the way of teaching

  14. I really like learning german. I prefer it than having two french lessons, mainly because we are learning the fun basics. But i do think we are moving slightly too fast because i can’t remember some of the things we were taught at the start!

  15. I really enjoy german way better then french and i like it how mrs brown is really enthusiastic which helps alot πŸ™‚

  16. I like having Spanish. I think it is very interesting. It’s good to know another different language apart for French. But I think it is a bit hard learning 2 languages at school

  17. I really enjoy learning Spanish, it’s a nice change and will probably help me sooner or later, it is quite tricky though!

  18. i like the way we learn the german but it is sometimes hard. I like french because we know some words in french so french seems easier at the minute but i suppose german will be better when we know the words more.

  19. I currently prefer the german but i think that it is mainly because we aren’t neccisarily doing much advanced work, more fun stuff. However in French we are actually at the stage of learning proper French,so the verb ending etc.

  20. I think German is a really good subject to teach and i am enjoying it. And i like the idea that their is german books to help us in our learning

  21. i think german is cool you pic it up quite quickly and mrs brown makes the lessons really fun by doing songs and stuff!!!! :):):):):):):)

  22. I love Spanish!! I think its great learning 2 languages instead of 1, aswell as it’ll give us that advantage when we go to Kevi!

  23. Aswell as the fact that Mr Cottiss takes us through stuff in a very good way, explaining clearly then leaving instruction on the white board unlike other teachers.
    Thank You Mr Cottiss
    Claudia Smith 7W

  24. I have really enjoyed learning Spanish, especially because it was a language I really wanted to learn! I’m not finding it too difficult, so I Guess that’s good! I hope I can continue to learn Spanish in year 8 and possibly years after…

  25. german lessons will help me build on the german i already know so i can get involved in more complex conversations when i go to germany. i am hoping to get the most out of this fabulous opportunity. thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. i really like doing German with Mrs brown it is an really easy subject it sounds like English but it is very different to our language . it would help me incase i visit Germany when i am older .

  27. I am really enjoying Spanish and am learning quickly as we are not rushing through the topics. However sometimes I get a bit mixed up between Spanish and French but Mr Cottiss is teaching us extremely well!
    Adios, Ben.

  28. I really enjoyed spanish this term.I`ve learned some words but not all the words because it`s quite complex to remember what it means.I like spanish and it`s fun to do.
    Gracias Mr Cottiss.
    Adios. πŸ™‚

  29. I like german much better than french, it is easier to learn and remember. Also i like learning two languages instead of just one πŸ™‚

  30. i think german is really good and easy its better than french a can say german words but no french wards because french is harder

  31. i think spanish is awsome, way better than french, i’d love to have 2 spanish lessons than 1 french and 1 spanish.

  32. I find German quite interesting and a change from French twice a week!! I like how they’ve thought of adding new subjects to the curriculum!!

  33. I think german is fun because at the start of the year we got to sit where we wanted and i think we work well with the people we sit with. most of the time we work as a class and we say words in german together and i think it is good that we are all working together to learn.

  34. i like french but i like greman abit more and it is alot easier and i like what we are learning in both lessons and i also like doing spanish but we cant but i still love french band german and it is acualy very easy and because we are doing numbers in german and in french we are doing jobs and i find them topics alot easier than any other topic

  35. i realy enjoy geman it is intresing and very intresting and so far easy he lessons that i have had have made me make my mind up on what languages i shall be taking in kevi and the magority of bissuses are german like the car manufactturs audi porshe and mercdes and vw so lerning german is a handy option as you would go ar bissnis wise

  36. i will like french and german so far it is one of my favorite lessons so far at newminster and i will we am enjoying it.I have not done Spanish yet i really am looking foward to it later on.

  37. I think that german is great and really fun and something great to learn about for when we are older, so when we are older we could vist germany and know the language.

  38. German is awesome it is really awesome it is fun to learn a popular language and it is just fun learning words and turning them into chants………………….easy!

  39. Spanish is very good and challenges us aswell so that we arent bored in the lessons. im really looking forward to german though (if we are doing it!!!!)

  40. I think learning German is good and my Grandpa is fluent so he’s helping me with it aswell but i’m really enjoying it and i allready know quite alot:)

  41. I think Spanish is a good language and could help you later on in life and it is new, interesting and slightly challenging.Tom.c.

  42. I think spanish is great and it is good to have a change from french. It is slightly difficult to learn two languages at once.

    Alex Colvin

  43. I have enjoyed learning a new language and hope I will get better throughout the year so if I go to Spain I’ll be able to them.

  44. i think german is great i like the songs and the dances and the way frau brown helps us learn the words πŸ˜€ I like german πŸ™‚

  45. i really like the idea of having two lanuges frau brown is a really good teacher she get everyone involved in the tasks i like the german lessons and i hope they carry on being as good as they are now

  46. I am really enjoying the German lessons, I think it is pretty easy! I love the songs Mrs Brown shows us, they are very catchy (and funny) They also help me learn!

  47. I enjoy not having French twice a week but am a little bit annoyed that I wasn’t given the chance to pick between Spanish and German because I think that Spanish is a much more useful language because almost all of south America and of course spain speak it and only 3 country’s speak German. I know people say that germany has the good economy and all that stuff from an international business point of view, it would be harder to expand your company into Germany than it would to be in america and it would be more useful from my point of view to know Spanish than it would to know German because if you were doing business almost all of America or even other parts of Europe have a high Spanish speaking population because of the spanish empire having conquered many parts of the world. I do enjoy my German lessons but as I said I would prefer to have done Spanish.

  48. I think french and german are both very fun, Mrs Brown and Mr Cottiss are both very good teachers. For me french is a lot more practical because I am more likely to go there however german is great fun with Mrs brown

  49. I think spanish is great and mr cottis teaches spanish really well.Spanish will be really useful as 1 in 3 countries speak spanish.Hasta luego!

  50. Im really enjoying learning spanish as i am learning a completely new language and I think I am picking it up quickly !!!!!!
    Hasta Luego!

  51. German is actually pretty fun and the teacher is really funny. I think I’m making pretty good progress. I deffinatly prefer it to french. No offence Mr Cottis.

  52. i think that german is a really good language to lean. it’s a better variation than having two french lessons a week.

  53. I definitely prefer Spanish to French as I find it a far more interesting language altogether. I am enjoying it so far and am finding it ok to keep up with however I am not sure how I will find it once we move on from the basics.

  54. I definitely enjoy Spanish more than French as it’s a more interesting language altogether. I am finding it okay to keep up with so far, but I’m not sure how it will be when we move on from the basics!

  55. i love german, it is WAY easier than french. I think that the way Mrs Brown teaches us it really good because basically everything i’ve learned i have remembered where as in french…i sometimes forget how to say thankyou! :s :/ so yeah, lovin german :p

  56. i prefer german than french. i think that we should do spanish and german instead of french because they are both more commonly spoken around the world.

  57. hello there i allways thought that my french lessons were very annoying and i never liked them. now never mind german D:

  58. I think spanish is a lot easier than french and that we seem to be learning at a quicker pace than in french.I think it is a good language and I look forward to learning more.

  59. i already posted a comment but i forgot to mention how frau brown gets everyone involved in everything and im learning loads and i know how to have a conversation now! πŸ˜€ french is harder but i think they are both good although i prefer german! but they are both good with good teachers

  60. already posted a comment but forgot to mention how frau brown includes everyone and she gets everyone involved and shes a really good teacher. although french is good, i prefer german but they both have good teachers that help to learn a language which might come in handy for some people later in their life! πŸ˜€

  61. i have already posted a comment but forgot to mention how frau brown always gets people involved! i really enjoy german but i dont know why im not as keen on french. maybe because i find it harder? but i really like german! german and french are both tought by teachers that really make the lessons as fun as they can be! πŸ˜€

    • Wow! Thanks for all of your comments Sarah. It’s always good to find out what students think about their lessons. πŸ™‚

  62. i really enjoy the languages which is spanish and french also its fun and useful because when i went to france i could speak french.:)

  63. I have enjoyed spanish so far, some sentences are hard to learn but also some are easy, carnt wait till next year, learning spanish.

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