Sites worth a visit?

After talking to my Y8 pupils about the importance of learning verb endings and the irregular verbs, I started to look around for websites that might help you to help you understand a little bit more , or even to get more out of French.

There are thousands of websites, blogs from French teachers and schools, pay sites from companies and individuals, sponsored free sites, sites put up by education authorities, … the list goes on.

I’ve tried to select a few that you may find helpful. Have a look at them and let me know what you think. Maybe you can suggest some others? Improve your skills on verbs in different languages  Enter French or English verbs in any form of conjugation.  It is aimed at learners of French as a foreign language, but can also be used by native French speakers. On these pages, you can hear all the sounds of the French alphabet, and you will also find exercises to learn how to distinguish between sounds, as well as games to help you practise the sounds and rhythms of the French language The Digital Dialects website features free to use online games for learning languages. Language resources include games for learning phrases, numbers, useful words, spelling, verb conjugation and alphabets. some great resources from Ripon Grammar School loads of resources for language learners news in French for kids BBC langage sites for all key stages